About Us

Our purpose is to get maximum information about shar-pei breed. Responsible breeding begins with knowledge. Any breeder has to learn more about health, genetic and training all his life. Breeding of dogs is passion, art and science all together. Breeding is difficult, expensive, time consuming and sometimes heartbreaking process. Good breeders devote all their knowledge and experience to produce litter of puppies as close as possible to the ideal described in shar-pei standard. And if he managed to obtain such success, this is best satisfaction and happiness for him. Main principle of breeding is selecting breeding partners. Everything in prospective litter are determining by the genes passed on by their parents and grandparents. Selection of pair should be done on the basis of both and phenotype and genotype of potential mating partners after serious studying of pedigrees. Only understanding of genetic laws and investigation of your breeding stock allows to produce a litter with the qualities you desire. Instead genetic problems that could affect our breed may destroy any breeding program. Health testing is other corners stone of assessment of your breeding stock. So when you are planning new litter, honestly evaluate the good and bad points of your own and another’s dogs before making the decision to breed them. The goal of such breeding is to produce better dogs and improvement of breed.